• Your Personal Cannabis Companion


    Your health, it’s a worry, and you keep hearing about ‘Marijuana’ and wonder if it’s right for you. You feel like it might be the answer you’ve been looking for but you don’t know where to even start and you’re confused by all the language and the new laws.


    You’re embarrassed about what your friends or family might think if you asked them or said you were interested in learning more about POT.  You're someone who isn't comfortable getting your information from that guy in the pot leaf t-shirt. You’re worried about getting ‘high’, losing control or even gaining weight and having ‘munchies’.



    You wish you knew someone who was an expert, someone you could relate to, so they could answer all your questions without anyone ever knowing. If only you knew someone who was more like you, with family and a career, who could help you navigate and figure out what works for your particular personal health situation and your unique lifestyle.

    Informed Decisions are the Best Decisions!


    I'm a cannabis consultant who helps people that want information about cannabis as a medical health option but don't know who to ask or where to start. I offer confidential expert answers that I am able to tailor to their personal situation.


    I can show you how cannabis works in your body and why. How cannabis is used to ease your symptoms and you'll learn about how using cannabis doesn't mean you have to be “High”. We will determine what method of consumption is best for you. Get clear on what Cannabis can do in relation to your personal health situation.

    Finally you have an expert companion from the cannabis industry who can make it simple and straightforward for you.

    • Has fear been stopping you from utilizing a non toxic medicinal flower bud to treat your persistent health condition?

    • Is it time to get the information you've been wanting but were afraid to ask for?

    • Are you or a loved one needing to have some hard talks about cannabis treatment for a serious or chronic health issue and want information discreetly and privately?

    You’ll have the information you need, to feel confident in your choices, and decisions.


  • Here’s a peek at how we will get there...

    Companion Program Survey

    First, a short survey will help to clarify your most important questions and concerns so that our session will be geared towards the information that matters to you most. We will get clear on your health concerns or wellness goals, where you live in, and your current level of cannabis knowledge. When we get together, we will dig into what you want and need to know, not just what I think you should know. With answers from this survey, we'll be prepared to address your most pressing questions and concerns as they relate to your personal situation. Because let's face it, you want to know the answers as they pertain to you, not just the general information that you could find anywhere.
    Companion Conversation
    In our 1:1 session, I will spend 90 minutes with you to provide answers specifically tailored to your current unique situation. By the time we wrap up you’ll have those expert answers you’ve wished for. I can even help you make a plan to determine what you need to do to get started, whether it be shopping or getting your appointment for your medical card.



    Companion Resource Library Bonus

    As a bonus, you'll receive the following resources to support you as you learn more about the cannabis plant;

    • Symptom Tracking tool - This simple tool helps you track what works for you, how it affected your symptoms and exactly what was going on at the time. You’ll then be able to reproduce positive outcomes with ease.
    • Shopping Guide- It all changes so fast but this shopping guide breaks down the basics that will always hold true, so you know you're getting what you need in the safest, most effective manner.
    • Resource Guide This printable guide lists many of the abbreviations and acronyms used in the cannabis industry. Easy to use, handy tool deciphers the maze of pot world lingo in a language you can understand.
    • Private Facebook group access- not everyone needs to know that you're learning about cannabis. So we created a private space where you can pop in and interact with like-minded individuals looking to learn and share information.

  • Ready to Schedule?

    We all have busy schedules and I want to find the right date and time that works for you. So here's my schedule, so you can find 90 minutes that works with your schedule, then you'll be guided to a scheduling and payment page.

  • Have any questions? Email me at

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