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What does a cannabis flower look like?

(and Yes! I would love a bouquet)

This is a picture of healthy plant but does not have flowers yet.

This is what an early flower looks like.  

These are dried and cured flowers that are ready to be consumed. They can be used to cook with, smoked or vaporized.

What could be better than a little look at a real cannabis flower? For now we will have to settle for a picture. I was fortunate enough to participate in growing cannabis within a co-op of other growers. We learned a lot together. The plant brought us all so much joy.  

There is nothing like walking into a building full of plants. You could smell them from the parking lot. Some mornings I would have a big bouquet of leaves arranged beautifully, waiting for me on my desk. Other mornings a gifted sample of someones prized plant.  

I'm looking forward to growing cannabis again and there seems to be some hope in the near future that it will be legal for patients to grow their own medicine in Arizona. If that happens we will have a photo journal of some plants as they go from baby to mother plants. Until then I am searching my old external hard drives for pictures to share. We had some great plants! Next week I'll talk a little more about the parts of the flower. Why they are important. That will be a good time to share more flower pictures.  

On a more personal front we adopted a dog this past week and have been enjoying get to know him. He's still getting comfortable with us but he has been a joy. He is 14, and fits in great with our other 12 year old pups. He's eating, playing and guarding me already.  He wasn't planned but some of the best things in life just appear.  

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Laura Mastropietro

I'm a cannabis consultant who helps people that want information about cannabis as a wellness option but don't know where to go for expert answers.  I offer those answers and confidential support tailored to their personal needs.

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