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Mother Plant

A feminine plant and its mom

Happy Mothers Day  

Going to keep it simple and short today so that you can get on to your day of honoring moms.  We all have one.  Even our cannabis plant.  

One plant is grown to supply cuttings for growing new plants of the same makeup.  When growing cannabis the main plant is called the Mother Plant.  There are many Mother Plants in a large scale operation. She provides the cuttings called clones.  These baby plants are now what will be the key to growing lots of cannabis plants that will have the identical medical cannabis quality of the Mother Plant.  These clones will be grown carefully so that they are the females which is what grows the flowers.  These flowers are also called the buds or bud.  It is what you usually see in jars at dispensaries or on tv.  Below you'll see a jar of the cannabis flower.

There isn't a huge need for us to go to far into detail today about the Mother Plant but I will say, just like our own moms, "Ain't nobody happy if Momma ain't happy".  Growers take good care of their mother plant and when she's done her job she moves to a lovely outdoor garden and completes her own flower cycle.  In a perfect world we would all have our Mother Plant of our favorite strain so we could grow the best cannabis for our own needs.

Even your cannabis has a mom.  

Enjoy your day.  I live in beautiful Sedona Arizona where my husband and I own and operate a restaurant.  We will be busy today helping families celebrate their moms.  The hubs bought me a lovely purse (that he quite possibly isn't aware of).  In the restaurant biz you learn to find alternate ways to celebrate.

See you next week.  If you have any questions hop over to the Facebook page and ask away or email us and we will include it in upcoming blog topics.

Laura Mastropietro  

Kelly Mahoney 

The dynamic mother daughter duo who share a passion for the cannabis plant and together have grown cannabis, counseled patients, completed regulatory documentation and generally found a way to function in this world by using this medicinal plant to treat our complicated medical issues.  Together we hope to assist you in finding your own path to a better quality of life with cannabis.  Join us weekly for a conversation about cannabis!

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